Shamanic Journey Training

A 10 Week Program to embrace the Magic & Healing of the Shamanic Journey


If you want to:

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    Access Your Inner Wisdom

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    Reconnect with your Life Purpose

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    Heal Your Life

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    Return to Your Roots

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    Awaken Your Own Medicine

Then this is the course fo you!


Who is Carmen Morales?

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Carmen was born and raised in Peru and moved to magical Australia 19 years ago, where for the last 10 years she has been sharing the teachings of her ancestors with love and dedication.

Carmen's expertise is to assist women to turn their life around and achieve their full potential by remembering how to flow with their inner cycles, their own energy flow, in connection with the Earth and the river of their life

Along with being notorious in the online space for her powerful online courses in personal development, Carmen also offers an Apprenticeship in Shamanism, for women who want to become Accredited Shamanic Practitioners.

When Carmen isn't “working”, she can be found having fun with her family and friends, going on adventures, or enjoying her beautiful garden at home. Her motto is simple: “May your life be a representation of your dreams, not your fears”.

Why Shamanic Journey Now?

Shamanism offers us an invitation to come back home into our heart and into wholeness.

It allows us to reconnect to our truth, to return to our natural rhythms, to make the important transition from our head back to our heart, so we can live in alignment with our Soul’s purpose and walk in harmony and Beauty upon this Earth.

I have taught this course for about a decade now, seeing it transform the lives of my students, in the same way it transformed mine.

If you are reading this, I'm sure it's because your heart is calling you to come home!

It's time to break free from dysfunctional patterns and remember how to enjoy the abundance of life through returning to simplicity and joy.

Here is what you will learn:

SJT Module 1
Module 1

Creating Sacred Space

  • Introduction to Shamanic practices
  • Journey to healing and back to wholeness
  • Eight aspects of Healing
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • The Medicine Wheel- Opening to your Power
  • Connecting to the Peruvian Medicine Wheel
SJT Mod 2
Module 2

Deepening into the embodiment of Sacred Space

  • Becoming a Hollow Bone
  • The use of Rattle Medicine
  • Power Song
  • Hamutay: Tapping into your Sacredness
  • The practice of Dadirri
  • Entering the Shamanic Journey
  • Icaros - Power of Medicine Songs
SJT Mod 3
Module 3

Accessing Your Spiritual Connections

  • Deepening the Practices
  • Connecting with your Spiritual Team
  • The 3 Worlds : Lower, Upper, and Middle World
  • Power Animals or Animal Teachers
  • Journey to Lower World to meet your Power Animal
SJT Mod 4
Module 4

Asking the Right Questions

  • What are the right questions when it comes to Shamanic Journey
  • Journey to Lower World to ask a question and receive healing from your Power Animal
  • Your Spirit Guides
  • Journey to the Upper World to meet your Spirit Guide
SJT Mod 5
Module 5

Ayni - Your ultimate destination

  • Living in Ayni
  • Creating an Apacheta
  • Journey to the Middle World
  • How to continue Deepening your Practice

This training mirrors the Traditional way and it is deeply anchored in the power of simplicity.

You won’t get overwhelmed with lots and lots of content but rather, you will receive a clear and simple map in each Module, so you can embrace these practices in an effective way, whilst receiving all the personal support you need, for your roots in this work to become deep and strong!

When you embark on this journey, all of a sudden, you start leaving behind the chaos and fear of the mind, and you start to feel deeply grounded in a profound sense of knowing that has always been within yourself waiting for your return.

I look forward to sharing this

Powerful & Magical journey with you!

This can be your story too...

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“This program has empowered me to heal myself”

The tools of ritual and ancient practices have helped me remember my own medicine and light.
Assisting me to weave my own magic back into my life.

Bryony Hudson

She will help you to remember how to tap into it and keep it shinning bright and loud! Doing this work is one of the best gifts I have given to myself. (1)

"Carmen brought light and hope into my life”

She guided me in trusting the universe and strengthen my connection to nature and my ancestors. She sparked life force back in me after going through a deep grieving period. I absolutely love Carmen and the work she so lovingly shares."

Carla Oliveira

She will help you to remember how to tap into it and keep it shinning bright and loud! Doing this work is one of the best gifts I have given to myself. (2)

“To say that Carmen’s teachings have transformed my life would be an understatement”

She will help you remember who you really are, why you are here, on this planet, at this time.

In a time where many of us are feeling more disconnected from the world and others than ever, to find someone as real and genuine as Carmen is a true blessing.

Marion Lessafre

She will help you to remember how to tap into it and keep it shinning bright and loud! Doing this work is one of the best gifts I have given to myself.

“Carmen will remind you that the power and magic your soul holds is unlimited!”

She will help you to remember how to tap into it and keep it shining bright and loud! Doing this work is one of the best gifts I have given to myself.

Tania Llanes

What's Included in the Training:


5 Modules of Powerful Ancestral Teachings


5 Group live video calls


5 Module Training Manuals


The Perfect combination of live and recorded resources to help you get personalised guidance on your journey


15 Audios for you to keep, with Shamanic Journeys & Power songs that will support you on strengthening your roots into this work.


Private Facebook Group Access, with a Powerful & Loving community of Sisters.


Life access to this Training – which means you can come and do it all over again whenever you want at no added cost!

And for this time only you receive this AMAZING BONUS MODULE:


Embracing the Medicine of 2020 & Opening the Portal for a Quantum Leap in 2021

A Powerful workshop to uncover the Medicine that Spirit has been trying to weave through you in 2020, create a Sacred object to Anchor Your True North Prayer for 2021 that will have you flowing with the Universe towards the fulfillment of your Dreams!

Sounds Awesome? It really is!!!!


Soooo.... Are you ready to transform your life?

This course begins on April 12th (New Moon)

Spaces are limited, so make sure to secure your space and grab your special BONUS MODULE to start unleashing your Magic now!!



Biggest love,