This is the time of Resurrection of Women's Power!!!🔥🙌✨ 

My Sisters,

This 3 month mentorship will help you finally put to rest the not-enoughness, the confusion and the disempowerment patterns that have been lingering in your field sabotaging your evolution!


2023 is YOUR TIME to fully remember and reclaim the inherent Medicine & Power of your Spirit, so it can transform your life in the most beautiful and magical way! 🙌



let go of the struggle dynamic & be grounded in the Magic of your Spirit ✨

If you have been praying to:

Release your not-enoughness and shift into the version of yourself who feels deeply worthy of receiving everything she desires.

Shake off the burden of others’ expectations and shift into a confident woman who knows exactly what her soul wants to do and be and is ready to claim it

Release generations of pain and conditioning so you can activate your gifts and thrive in life.

Break up with the “good girl” syndrome and become the Queen of your life.

Set boundaries that will set your Soul on fire.

Become magnetic to limitless opportunities to fulfill your visions

Start living an extraordinary life

Then this is the calling for you! 🔥 

this work will transform your life in the most magical of ways!

What is included in this Soul Awakening journey:

3 Modules charged with powerful & life altering teachings, healings, Shamanic journeys and rituals for you to do at home

We will start the program together with a live call and move through these processes together for the 3 months, so you can be deeply held and be able to integrate everything that is moving and healing in you.

Activations at a cellular level that will help you heal from the roots

This ancestral work carries activations that will happen at a cellular level. The  type of magic you will feel in your bones and has been awaiting to be reawakened in you!

Integration & Support Group call

Group Zoom meetings to help you integrate what is arising for you after every Module and keep rising with the Medicine you have received. 

Mindset reprogramming Group Call

We will also have a Befriending Your Mind Group Zoom meeting after each module to help you heal your mind and allow it to become your best ally! This calls will also support you in busting through the old fear stories and recalibrating into your power 🙌✨

Energy Clearing Audios

to keep your vibration rising as you integrate the work.

12 weeks of total Accountability & Support as you implement and rise

Sister-like friendships

will be created that will continue to support your evolution for life.

(my previous students can speak to the depth of the true lifelong Sisterhood that is created when we do this work together 🤩 it is the best gift anyone can have!)

Sounds awesome? It really is!!!

In this new Mentorship, you will have such a deep level of care, support & accountability to help you finally break free in the most magical of ways! 🔥💃💃💃 

Are you ready to Say Yes to life ?

Spaces are limited so if you are feeling the call, jump on it!

Your Investment:

Pay in Full:

1-time payment  $666

(Get a free One on One session with Carmen)


Plan 1:

3 Monthly Payments of $222


Plan 2:

6 Monthly Payments of $133

Do you want  One on One support ?


Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! 🤩

** Only a handful of spaces are open in this category **

This option includes 1:1 appointments after every module for additional support  ✨


Only a few spaces are open in this category! ✨

Your Investment:

Pay in Full:

1-time payment of $999

(Save $99 and get 1 free one-on-one session with Carmen)


Plan 1:

3 Monthly Payments of $366


Plan 2:

6 Monthly Payments of $191

What previous students are saying…


"Carmen will help you heal and grow in ways you could never imagine.

Carmen truly cares! She is the most loving and
kind person I’ve ever met.

She gives you the tools, love, support and community, while you do the work to heal, nurture yourself and grow.

This work has completely changed my life."

- Heather

"To say that Carmen’s teachings have transformed my life would be an understatement.

What makes Carmen so special, and so powerful is that she gets you. No matter your dreams, your history, your culture, your traumas...

She reconnected me to my values, to my dreams and to my purpose in life."

- Marion


"Carmen’s ability to help you navigate your strengths and weaknesses is immense, and always delivered with a heartfelt smile.

If there’s one thing Carmen can do for you, it is to take your hand, and show you how to walk your path of truth with confidence and clarity."

- Sulin


My Sisters,

I invite you my Sisters to RISE into your most joyful & powerful expression! 🙌

I hope you feel the calling to say YES to this invitation to come together to HEAL , REAWAKEN & RISE in Beauty together!

It’s going to be extra-ordinary 🤩🔥🙌💃

I can promise you that!

I can’t wait to share this magnificent journey with you!!!

Biggest love,