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Hello Gorgeous Ones!

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Hi, I’m Carmen.

I am a Medicine Woman from Peru.

I am a Shamanic teacher and mentor.

I help Goddesses like you, turn their fears into superpowers, so they can activate their gifts and create a life of overflowing abundance and Beauty.

3 Ways We Can Get Started Together...

SJT possible
Harmony, Abundance & Flow

Allow the vibrations of this audio to recalibrate your system, clearing away what doesn't serve and reawakening the vibration of your unbounded, Magical essence.

AYA 2023
Activate Your Abundance

Want to break ancestral curses and disempowering agreements to Abundance, heal your money story and activate your unique abundance codes?  Then you can't miss this 30-day program!!!

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Reawaken Your Magic

This 5-month Mentorship Program is a beautiful combination of potent Shamanic Teachings, Healings, Journeys, Rituals, Explorations, and Practices that will transform your life.

This could be your story too...


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