Carmen's Story


Carmen's Story

How my journey began...

Since I was a little girl, I had a strong calling to take care of others! When I was little, still living in Peru, I would bring home stray dogs to give them a wash, rid them of fleas, and of course secretly hoping I could keep them… but my parents disagreed with my vision of course!! hahaha... so off I would go from vet to vet and door to door trying to find them a new home…and I’m happy to say that I always did!

Many people assume because they see me now, that my life was always happy...

They assume that the journey of learning these practices was easy for me because in Peru these ways are still alive but the truth is that this is very far from the truth.

I am who I am now because I got to a point where I hit rock bottom… in fact, there were a few of those points in my life and each one initiated me into the next layer of my journey to reclaiming my life and allowing it to be what it was always meant to be…

When I was 29 years old, I had a massive Initiation

Despite having a beautiful five-year-old daughter, a career, a family and living on the Beautiful Australian coast of Sydney, my marriage was completely dysfunctional and my life was too! Even though on the surface I had all the “things” I believed I needed to be happy, I couldn’t have been further from the happiness I craved and knew I deserved.

So before I turned 30 we decided to separate.

Although it was the right decision for everyone,

I was suddenly a 29-year-old, single mum

with an unfulfilling career and, with my family on the other side of the world, I had absolutely no local support system to help me go through this...


I had a Beautiful daughter, who I had to protect and provide for while tending to her broken heart...My whole life as I knew it was gone.

I was lost and felt so alone!

Every time I considered moving back to Peru, I got clear voice inside that said, “No!”
I did not and could not understand why Spirit wanted me to stay in this isolation.

And at my times of deepest despair, I used to get this split-second vision of me carrying a little baby, waving goodbye to whom I felt was my “husband.”

… But that was it. Nothing else.

I was feeling like a victim, and feeling sorry for myself because I did not have someone to guide me. I had created an endless pity party in my mind that made me feel disempowered.

My desperation for fulfillment grew each day until finally, a few things started to fall into place.

First, all of the hopelessness and despair I had carried in my heart made me hungry for change. I was determined to prove to myself that there was more to life than this! And I knew I had to find a way to find that magical life my heart believed so desperately in.

I would do whatever it took! I was determined to create the life of my dreams one way or another.

It was in that same hunger for change that I finally understood the purpose of the shamanic practices I had been learning. The mentorship I had been receiving was not just my “hippie side” or my healing journey. There was something much deeper that was calling for me.

I was called to visit Peru to not only see my family but to see Blanca - my mentor - to try and find some answers. It was this trip that saved and changed my life entirely. This trip was my turnaround point.

While Blanca & I were doing some work, I had asked Great Spirit,

What do I need to do to be happy?

In response, an inner voice yelled out, “QUIT THAT F***ing JOB!” A pretty clear message, right?

But that job was back in Sydney and was paying the bills so my daughter and I could survive. Without that job, I had nothing. It was my only sense of security in Sydney and now I was being told that I had to let it go to be happy.

And that was it...

I was being asked to trust in a way i hadn't before


I distinctly remember that taxi drive back to my parent’s house as I sat with contradicting thoughts. Part of me was certain that I would be too scared to go back to Australia and quit my job. And the other half of me knew that I needed to move past my fears and trust in the clear answer I had received if I wanted to find my happiness.

But ultimately, I was being called to surrender. To take the biggest leap of faith of my life! To just JUMP and follow the message of my Spirit.

My Spirit was asking me to trust in a way that went against every logical thought I had but, despite the debilitating fear, somehow ignited hope in my heart.

When I got home to my parent’s house, I rang my boss in Australia and

quit my job.

That day, something profound shifted inside of me as I learned to trust my Heart over anything else. When we Trust in our Spirit and Trust in our heart’s true desires without hesitation, life reorganises itself. Our lives become a magical place with new opportunities and new adventures! It guides us into the Magic that is our essence and potential to create deeper Beauty not only in our own life, but the lives of others.

As Magic reawakened in my life, the opportunities that came to me from that day on will forever blow my mind. Later during the trip, I went to the Sacred Valley just to be with myself and by “random coincidences”, otherwise known as synchronicities, I ended up in a gathering of Shamans from all around the world: I didn’t know of this gathering, nor I had registered for it or anything yet somehow that day I ended up sitting up in Circle and Ceremony with Peruvian Wisdom Keepers, Shamans of Siberia, Native American Elders, Canadian Elders, Russian Shamans… and the wildest part was that at the Fire Ceremony that evening they initiated me and 2 others… There were hundreds of people!! I wasn’t even “meant” to be there!

When you start living your life from that place, life becomes what it was always meant to be! A magical adventure!! Filled with surprises and potential to create deeper Beauty in your life and in other people’s lives.

The end of this story marked the beginning of my new journey. When I returned to Sydney, I was joyously overwhelmed by the incredible opportunities that opened up for me. I was offered a job at my daughter’s after-school care teaching an art class. I got paid to teach art with my daughter by my side. 


My life became the Magical Adventure it was always intended to be!

And it did not stop there.


I then received a Diploma of Shamanism that would give me the accreditation I needed in Australia, to teach and practice my work.

I met my husband, Mark, and together we had our delicious baby Noah. Many times, I have carried him as he waves goodbye to Mark when he goes off to work - just like in my vision.

Life is always going to throw us challenges and we are not immune to the challenges that we face from time to time...but it can all be overcome by navigating life in a way where Magic, Trust, Love and Beauty prevail.

May us all Rise in Beauty together


Big love,

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