The Shamanic Journey


How can Shamanic Journey heal your life?

Shamanic Journey is one of the core practices of many shamanic traditions and communities. This practice allows us to enter a powerfully healing state of consciousness known as the Shamanic state of consciousness.


When we shamanic journey we are reminded of how to let go of this strong societal programming that keeps us fragmented and opens the door for a deep remembering of our own inner wisdom, a coming home into our heart and remember your own pathway to creating an extraordinary life, by returning to simplicity and balance…


When we enter this trance like state we awaken parts of our brain that otherwise dormant, in doing this we can access a lot more of our inner (Spirit's) knowing and bridge it back into our human experience; we are also able to travel back in time to heal our past and retrieve parts of our soul that may have split from us and gotten stuck in the past due to trauma, and in this way retrieve and bring back with us more of our life force into our present, we are able to resolve past trauma, get clarity and guidance for our present moment and future, we can also access the support of many helping spirits who are here to help us on our path of evolution.

I see Shamanic Journeying as much more than a tool for healing, but rather a way to come back home into our Spiritual Blueprint, where we can remember the beat of our own heart and allow it, to once again, become in unison with Mother Earth.

As we start returning to this place of remembering our Soulprint, we start remembering who we truly are, beyond all the stories, and what life is really about for us… we start to come home into the memory of our Spirit and being shown why we are here: what is our Spirit being called to Be or Do or Not Do at any given step…


We return to a place of oneness with the Spirit world so we can live in this world but at the same time remain as strongly connected with our Spiritual nature… from that perspective, we can live our lives in a much richer and purposeful way.

Shamanic Journey Training

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Shamanic Journey Training

Now Enrolling!

This training will begin on July 18th, 2022

A 10-Week Program To Embrace The Magic & Healing Of The Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey helps us return to the flow of life, the place of blissful co-creation with the Universe and Great Spirit, where everything is taken care of and we just need to follow the callings of our Spirit.


In this modern way of life, we move through our lives feeling lost and disconnected, rather than living our life knowing how magnificent we are and the power & beauty that we hold.


We measure our worth against culturally imposed societal standards of what is to be successful in a one size should fit all model...


That societal model is Soul extinguishing, because to live by those rules, we have to surrender our Magic, our uniqueness and the unique Medicine we came to bring into the world.

Shamanic Journeying helps us break free and, in a way, press the reset button to our Soulprint settings, which is why I feel that the healing potential of it is really limitless!


Remembering how to Shamanic Journey, will make you fall in love with life again and maybe, in a way you have never experienced before! It reawakens the magic in your heart, helps you see the gifts that you hold, and the gifts life is bringing to you even in the most difficult of times…


It's really the biggest gift!


If you would like to dive deeper into the magical world of Shamanic Journey, I invite you to check out my 10 week Shamanic Journey Training

This is the last time this training will be offered in 2022, so if you are curious, please go check it out! It's truly a magical program! Enrolments are now open  Shamanic Journey Training

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Shamanic Journey Training

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Now Enrolling!

This training will begin on July 18th, 2022.

A 10-Week Program To Embrace The Magic & Healing Of The Shamanic Journey