What students are saying...


Ahhhh!!!! Carmen’s Mentorship Program is absolutely MAGICAL!!! because she is MAGICAL💕 I cannot recommend her mentorship enough as it has changed my life and my family's life forever.

Her work is a bundle of LOVE and LIGHT.

Thank you beautiful Carmen for sharing your Love and wisdom with us 💞💞💞

Nahid Marashian


DO IT. Do it if you are genuinely looking to change something in your life. You might not know what ‘it’ is, but you have a sense something is holding you back. Something is stopping you living as free and joyfully as you would like.

Carmen is a wise and caring legend. Relatable and empathetic, love and encouragement is as natural to her as breathing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her 🤜🏼💥❤️😍🦄

Millie Lertori, Sydney


I love the transformation the work with Carmen brought into my life. I flow through days with more ease, not fighting or resisting, surrendering instead. I have more trust which in turns bring more peace and centredness. I have connected deeper with the wisdom and love of my Ancestors and feel their presence and support on my journey. I also love how Carmen encourages us to celebrate, play and enjoy this beautiful life. I’ve learned how to find gratitude and meaning in every experience, even the challenging ones. I recommend work with Carmen for every woman that wants to let go of old limitations, have a fulfilling life and truly shine!

Anna Idzikowska


Carmen brought light and hope into my life. During the mentorship program, she guided me in trusting the universe and strengthen my connection to nature, my ancestors and the divine love. She sparkled life force back in me after going through a deep grieving period. She was always checking on me beyond the mentorship program. I strongly recommend the mentorship and how much transformation it will bring into your life. I absolutely love Carmen and her beautiful and strong community.

Carla Oliveira


Before I met Carmen, I always felt like I was ‘floating’ through life, without really feeling connected, feeling somewhat content but deep inside always wishing for something more. I would regularly have thoughts such as, this is not my real life, this is just in the meantime. Or when my real life starts, I’ll feel more fulfilled. Without knowing what that meant and what was in fact that real life I was craving for. I just felt like this wasn’t it. Despite having in fact what should seem like a great life, a good job, lots of friends, travelling a lot, healthy. But still something was missing. I’d have thoughts like, when I get the house of my dreams then I’ll feel good. Or when I find a partner and get married, then I’ll feel good. But that wasn’t it. And I kept floating through life, without ever taking any step to change my life. I went through depression, and I always had a background of anxiety. But I’d manage to get past this by always keeping busy. Busy at work, busy social life, and also busy caring for others. Meeting Carmen was a true blessing. I went looking for her. I was lost and going through a rough patch. I knew I needed guidance and I didn’t want it from anyone. When Carmen told me about her mentorship, I didn’t even look into it. I just went for it. I felt the calling. To say that Carmen’s teachings have transformed my life would be an understatement. What makes Carmen so special, and so powerful is that she gets you. No matter your dreams, your history, your culture, your traumas... She will get you. She will hear you. And she will help you to transform and to reach your full potential. She will help you remember who you really are, why you are here, on this planet, at this time. I am so grateful for everything Carmen is teaching me. She reconnected me to my values, to my dreams and to my purpose in life. To live a life without purpose is an empty life. Going through Carmen’s mentorship has in many ways brought me back to life. Not only that but she helped me feel part of a community. She made me feel that I wasn’t alone anymore. What Carmen is creating is more than just a 5 months mentorship program. She is creating a community. She is leading a movement. And to be part of that movement really helps me live a meaningful life. Through this mentorship program, not only did I reconnect to myself, and learnt to reconnect to my heart and life’s purpose, but she also connected me to a group of extraordinary women. She showed me that I was never alone. She empowers me, nurtures me, guides me and pushes me when I need to (also because I told her I needed the extra push). In a time where many of us are feeling more disconnected from the world and others than ever, to find someone as real and genuine as Carmen is a true blessing. I am forever grateful the Universe put her on my path.

Marion Lessafre, Sydney


I highly highly recommend Carmen’s Mentorship for anyone looking to transform their lives, wanting to make a steep change and lift up the curtain to see and release what is holding you back. The mentorship program has so much thought, love and magic deeply woven into the program, which will take you on a beautiful and powerful journey. My life changed in such a significant way and I know this is only the beginning! Carmen is a very kind, loving and generous teacher - this is a very special experience!

Angelique Tostee


Carmen’s Mentorship came to my life when I needed it the most. She holds space for your soul to remember your true essence. She reminds you with her wonderful practices that the power and magic your souls hold is unlimited and helps you remember how to tap into it and keep it shining bright and loud! With the mentorship, I also gained an amazing group of supportive women that are all about love in the deepest most genuine way. I have learned a lot about showing up for myself and for others from a place of pure love and compassion. Her gifts are absolutely wonderful and I am forever grateful to have found her in my path! This mentorship was one of the best gifts I have given to myself.

Tania Llanes


Carmen mentorship helps you heal and grow in ways you could never imagine. Ladies, if you want to really get in tune with who you are, if you need to heal from life's traumas, if you want to fully accept and love the truly beautiful soul you are, please, please, please reach out to Carmen. She truly cares. She is the most loving kind person I've ever met.  She inspires me to be better. Better to myself, better to my family, better to my community. If you do one thing in 2020 to help yourself grow as an individual, this should be it. It is your journey, your experience. She gives you the tools, love, support, and community, while you do the work to heal, nurture yourself and grow. All this while having a connection with other women who are doing the same thing. Giving you the love and support of sisters from around the world. I never knew how amazing that could be until I experienced it.

Heather Rolon


Simply put, Carmen has changed my life.

Her and her teachings have changed the exhaustion from my high-pressure job, which was affecting my health; and lead me to a deep sense of peace in myself and trust in the flow of life. The stress of work has transformed into passion now that allows me to speak my truth and influence others in a much more authentic and powerful way.

Carmen sees the beauty and the wonder in all of us and in all of life. Through my work with her, I have learnt the depth and richness of a life lived in balance with nature, spirit and myself.

Millie Letori, Sydney

Director at Veldhoen Australia

Carmen's support, encouragement and wisdom have been life changing for me. I have cleared a lot of the unnecessary limiting beliefs and blockages that were stopping me from living my life at my fullest.

I couldn't recommend it enough for those who want to find their own light and share it to the world.

Diana Cruz


I am blessed to call Carmen my mentor, sister and dear friend.

When working with Carmen, you will know what genuine loving connection truly is. 

Carmen brings such beautiful joy and love for life to the work she offers. 

Carmen has so much knowledge and commitment to her sacred path that the space she provides is in deep reverence to nature, spirit and all that is. Through this space there is opportunity for such deep and transformational healing for those committed to their higher calling.

You will not regret giving yourself the gift of profound life changes through working with Carmen.

Megan Backer

Founder of Inner World Village

Carmen’s mentorship program has been an extra ordinary journey.  It has enabled me to move through deep sadness, my own anger and sadness but also ancestral sadness.  I was surprised how easy it was to do this with Carmen’s guidance and the support of our mentorship community (my Sisters). 

It lifted a weight that I was so used to carrying I did not even realise I was carrying it.  I feel very different now, in my heart and in the rest of my body.  I loved all the teachings and journeys.   

I’ve learnt to love myself – what an amazing journey that is - and I learnt that there is plenty of time.

I will be forever grateful to Carmen for these gifts.   The mentorship content was perfect because the visual, sound and written work covered all the aspects I need to help embed these practices into my daily life.  

I am so grateful to Carmen for her wisdom, enthusiasm, joyfulness, kindness and her huge ability to love. 

Libby Hall

Wildlife Hospital Manager at Taronga Zoo