Shamanic Journey

Activate Your Abundance

Before you embark on this Shamanic Journey please make sure that you find a time and a space where you won’t be disturbed.

* This audio is best experienced with headphones *

1. Make your space cozy, making sure your body will be comfortable, so you can be fully present to receiving all the healing codes that are embedded on this Journey. 

2. Take a moment to fill into the beautiful bubble of pink and gold loving energy that I’m sending your way now, to surround you, holding you in love and Beauty as you journey. 

3. Take some time to reconnect with your answers from the Part 1 of the video series:

What are your biggest Soul callings right now? 

✨ How is your Spirit calling you back into abundance?

✨ What has been getting on your way?

Allow the vibrations of this audio to recalibrate your system, clearing away what doesn't serve and reawakening the vibration of your unbounded, Magical essence. That deep part of you that knows how to flow and weave together with the Beauty of life with effortless ease.

You are Boundless.

You are an Endless Source of Unconditional Love flowing with every breath

Abundance is Your Essence

Let's dive in…

*** The best way to work with this audio is to listen to it as requested by your intuition. Maybe one time is enough, maybe you feel like coming back and listen to it again a few times, either way is perfect! Just trust your intuition! 


It's time to return to the Magic and fall in love with life once again!


Biggest love,


Carmen ✨