Retreat with Carmita

Retreat with Carmita

Hello Sweet family!

It is such an immense pleasure to welcome you to this event, which is a vision that has come true after a few years of incubation and nurturing 💕✨

The manifestation of my land and having Carmita bring such a beautiful prayer to our community is a vision I have nurtured in my heart for quite a few years 💕

My eyes get watery celebrating that these dreams are here now and that I get to share them with you 🤩

I'm so grateful you felt the calling to be part of this very special Ceremonial Weekend 🔥💕✨

Here are the details of the retreat:

When:   August 9th to 11th (Friday to Sunday)

The retreat will begin at 3pm, but please arrive at 1pm on Friday to register, be assigned your camping spot, put your tent up and get settled so we can begin at 3pm sharp.

The retreat will finish at 11am on Sunday morning after our overnight ceremony closes. You are welcome to stay and rest in your tent and the land until the late afternoon. The Tipi and Kitchen will be packed up after our closing Ceremony finishes.

Everybody needs to clear the property by the end of the afternoon on Sunday please.


Where:   The Hummingbird 

373 Duns Creek Rd, Duns Creek NSW 2321


Getting There:   Please carpool as much as possible to minimize impact on the land.



  • Accommodation close by / Airbnb

If you are staying at an Airbnb or close by accommodation, please make sure you arrive at the property by 2:30pm on Friday so you can register and be ready to begin by 3pm.

  • BYO Camping Gear

Please arrive at 1pm on Friday.

As you arrive please go to the registration desk so you can be allocated your camping spot.

There will be allocated camping sites and they will be allocated on a first in best dressed manner.

Please keep in mind that we want to minimize the impact on the land, so if you are camping by yourself please bring an appropriate tent (one or 2 person tent at the most) and/or otherwise please organize in advance to share a tent with someone else who is attending the retreat.



  • To help us cater for your needs, please click on this link to let us know your dietary preferences.

* The meals covered by the retreat start with dinner on Friday evening finish with breakfast on Sunday morning.

Please bring your own snacks or meals for times outside of that if you are staying back and resting a bit longer on Sunday before departing.

It is mentioned in the What to Bring section too, but I will mention it here also: Please bring Your Own cutlery, plates(a bowl and a plate) and a mug as well. 

By doing that you are helping us to minimize the impact on the Earth and reducing the workload of the loving production team. Thank you.

Temazcales:   We will have 2 Temazcal (Sweatlodge) Ceremonies during the Retreat

Please click here to get all the information you need about the Temazcal ceremonies, what you need and how to prepare 😊💕

Tobacco Offering for Carmita:

You will present a bundle of Tobacco to Carmita for your commitment to this work ✨

Following the traditional ways, a bundle of organic tobacco wrapped in red cotton fabric is presented by the fire as we open our work together on the first day.

An abundant amount of loose organic tobacco is placed inside cotton red fabric and folded into a square-shaped package. Fasten with red string.

Please feel free to make this pouch/bundle as elaborate or as simple as you feel.

Also, please do not add other herbs or wild tobacco leaves to this bundle; simply organic tobacco, thank you.

You can buy organic tobacco from Coles or many other places here in Australia. Natural American Spirit or Manitou are 2 popular brands. You can share a packet of tobacco between 2 people or between 3 if need be 😊

Here are a couple of examples of pouches for inspiration and/or it can also be super simply tied with the red cotton string 😊

What to Bring:

Ceremonial clothing for the closing ceremony. You are dressing to meet the Great Spirit, so dress nicely. No jeans. Women, preferably long skirts, are traditionally worn.

Clothes for warm(layers in case it gets warm in the middle of the day), cold and wet weather.

Layers to keep you warm at night as it will be very cold.

▢  Warm hat for the nights (if you use them - beanie type)

Appropriate clothing for the Temazcal, ideally 2 sets, but one will suffice.


Camping and sleeping gear.- I recommend a sleeping bag that is for zero degrees or less, so that it keeps you warm enough at night, as well as thermals.

Blankets to stay warm.

A torch

Tobacco Offering for Carmita - as described before.

▢ Your own snacks or meals for times outside of retreat times

A click clack chair to sit on the ground for the overnight ceremony if you need back support.

▢ Your cutlery, a bowl, a plate and a mug.

Sunscreen and maybe mosquito repellent just in case.

Health Intake Form:

Please make sure to fill in and return this questionnaire to us ASAP 😊



Please know that this program is to give you an idea of the work we will be doing together and to help you prepare on what to have ready on which days; and at the same time know that is purposefully vague as some information will just be revealed there and then.

Also know that the flow of the activities in this schedule can and may change if Carmita deems a different flow and sharing may be more impactful for the group once she meets us in that moment.


Dates:  Friday August 9th until August 11th

If you are camping on the land:
Please arrive at 1pm on Friday to register and be assigned your camping spot so you can set up and get ready to begin at 3pm sharp.

If you are staying on an Airbnb or other accommodation:
Please make sure to arrive at the Hummingbird at 2:30pm on Friday so you can register and be ready to start our work together by 3pm.




1 - 3pm -Arrival, registration and tent set up.

3pm - Welcome and beginning of the work with Carmita.

5pm - Offering of the Tobacco Pouches to Carmita in front of the fire before we enter the Temazcal.
Temazcal starts.

7pm - Dinner.



7 - 8:30 am - Breakfast

9 am - Work starts for the day with Carmita. The flow of the day will be revealed then

3 pm - Temazcal

5 pm - Early Dinner

6 pm - Rest in preparation for overnight Tipi Ceremony

11pm - Tipi Ceremony begins and goes through the night until the next morning.


Sunday    -  We close the Ceremony and retreat in the morning

10 am - Breakfast

11am - The retreat closes

12 pm -The altars and kitchen are packed up, you are welcome to rest during the morning and early afternoon, yet everyone needs to vacate the property by Sundown at 5pm on Sunday 🙏

Thank you for your cooperation with this 🥰