Temazcal Ceremony

Temazcal Ceremony

A Temazcal Ceremony is an opportunity for us to return to the womb of Pachamama together, to pray for our own life, for the life of others and the renewal of these times.

What you need to know to prepare for this ceremony:

What to wear:

Women: Long attire (dress or skirt and blouse covering knee and shoulders to honor the Ceremony). Within the lineages of the South and Central Americas we wear beautiful & colorful embroidered dresses, that celebrate us women as the flowers of Pachamama.
In honor of our own wombs.

I have a few dresses that Carmita has sent from Ecuador, if any of you are interested, please click on the link below to view and purchase. (With this Carmita supports the women in her community).

Please know that if you purchase one, it will be given to you at the registration desk the day of the retreat.


Men: Please wear shorts.


Important points before the Temazcal Ceremony:

→ Just checking we don’t have anyone booked into the retreat who is in their first 4 months of their pregnancy. If anyone is, can you please get in touch so we can care for you. If you are pregnant at any stage of your pregnancy, also please let us know.

→ If you have a serious or chronic illness please let us know so we can check in with you in advance.

→ In the same way if you have either high or low blood pressure please let us know in advance and we will check in with you before the ceremony starts 💕
There is a more comprehensive health questionnaire as part of your information package for the retreat, please make sure to fill it up and send it to us in advance so we can have your information and care for you and your needs 💕

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email 🥰🌺✨ on help@carmenmorales.com.au ✨