Reclaim Your Power

Release the Old

Read over the True Heart Desires you wrote down in your First Workbook “Path to Endless Possibilities”.

Now on a new piece of paper write all your Heart’s desires as if they were here with you now, all in the present tense.

It can begin something like this:

I feel so grateful in my life every day. I can’t believe all my dreams have come true!

It’s amazing that I get to enjoy ___________________________.

(fill in the blank with all your heart’s desires as if they are all in your life right now and you are already enjoying having them in your life every day!)

List everything in your list and maybe finish with something like:

My life only continues to get more and more magical as I continue to strengthen and reawaken my magical abilities!

I am a field of endless possibilities forever unfolding!

I am deeply grateful

Once you have your statement make sure to read it before you embark on your Creating Your New Dream Meditation; read it before you go to sleep and in the morning when you start your day!

Anchoring this vibration at the beginning and end of your day will help you to continue to recalibrate your energy helping you reclaim your Power; to work together with the Universal forces to bring your heart desires into reality.

Now read your statement and let’s do the Meditation!