Apprenticeship – Shamanic Journey Training

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Journey to Joy

Welcome to Journey to Joy ✨🌈 Click here to see the group call schedules

Reawaken Your Magic (Evergreen)

Click here for your Reawaken your Magic call schedules Before you begin… Module 1 : Clearing the Old Module 2 : Healing the Wounds Module 3 : Reawakening your Magic Module 4 : Embodying your Beauty & Owning your Power Module 5 : Unstoppable You!

Embodying Abundance Codes

EMBODYING ABUNDANCE CODES: Allow your money to flow to you and multiply with grace✨ I hope you enjoy this masterclass!✨🤩🌈 And also that what I will share will help you continue re-shape your relationship with money energy and that you gained a deeper understanding of what it loves so it can multiply with grace. We spoke about…

Empowered Women Rising


Creating an Overflowing Life

This Masterclass is filled with a MAP 💕 A stepping stone guide of simple, yet powerful structures that will support you path of evolution into a more meaningful, impactful, fruitful, peaceful and joyfully abundant life✨ Regardless of where you are at with your finances, this Masterclass and processes will meet you where you are at…