New Moon Ritual

This new moon is the perfect opportunity to finish off anything that feels unfinished, to finish crossing the t's before you plant your new seeds of intentions... a great opportunity to declutter and getting rid of anything that has stopped enriching your life (whether it is a material possession or a habit)...

This ritual has 4 actions or invitations to embrace the energy of this New Moon, you can do 1 or you can do them all! It's up to you and up to the available time you have for it right now :)

You can also spread the actions between a couple of days and keep grounding in the energies that you want for this New Cycle.

Just trust that whether you can do 1 or all, it will be perfect exactly as it is :)


Now, let's begin!

Let's start by grabbing your journal and write 1 unfinished business that has been lingering in your life that you can take action on today (even if all you can do is take a small step forward in the unravelling of them)

Now write 1 area of your house, that feels significant to you, that you can commit to decluttering with intention today (or in the next couple of days. Depending on the amount of time and energy you have right now, this can vary from the top of your bedside table or a drawer, to a whole room in your house, it's totally up to you and the size doesn't influence the efficiency of the ritual). Wonderful!

You can choose the day of the New Moon or any of the 2 days before or after to do this :)

So here are the 4 different ways in which you can embrace the energies of this New Moon:

#1  Take Action or an action step to start moving the energy of the unfinished business towards completion. As you take action repeat the Mantra: 

"By taking action, I step back into my Power.

I am ready to say YES to Life!"


#2 Declutter the space you have chosen, as you declutter repeat the Mantra:

"As I get rid of what doesn't nourish me, I create space for Spirit to bring me new gifts that will light up my Soul"


By doing these 2 first steps your are activating your energy and showing the Universe that you are ready to command your life and take responsibility in this new cycle, by actively dissolving unresolved, stagnant energies that have been cluttering your life and creating space for awesome Magic to show up in your life!


Now that you have cleared the plate of the old during the day by decluttering and taking action, now it's time to close off your day by anchoring your New Moon Magic!!!


#3 If you have a bath, prepare the following cleansing and nourishing recalibrating bath for this NEW MOON!

You will need:

1. Epsom Salts

2. Chamomile Flowers

3. Lavender Flowers

4. Rose Petals

5. Lemon Myrtle leaves

6. Palo Santo Essential Oil (Between 10-20 drops depending on your preference)

7. A little cap full of Florida Water

(Please note that you don't need to have all of the ingredients fo it to be efficient, I'm just giving you my favourites!!! You can even just do it with Epsom Salts and add an essential oil of your preference.

Though, the above recipe is a recipe to clear the old stagnant energy, support and nourish your nervous system, whilst calling in joy and abundance)

As you step into your bath you can repeat the following affirmation:

"Under the energy of this New Moon,

I am cleansing my Spirit and releasing stagnation.

I open now with this new cycle to the full magic and fertility the Universe has to offer me...

Thank you for this Rebirth"

I hope you enjoy this beautiful and powerful ritual to start this new moon cycle rested, nourished, replenished and in your full vibrancy and power.
Sending you Big Love and endless blessings for this new cycle we begin today :)
I hope you enjoy this ritual that has been crafted with so much love to support you on your journey!!!
Let me know how you go!!!

Biggest love,