Waning Moon Ritual May 2020

May 13th - May 18th 2020

Waning Moon Ritual

What you will need for this ritual:

  • Florida Water, Palo Santo, Sage or something to cleanse the Space and clear your energy before you start the ritual.


  • Phone & Headphones or some other way to listen to the audios & be able to move. (You want to make sure that the audio of the first track is loud enough that it completely envelopes you and takes you on a journey)


  • Space to move :)


  • A branch to cleanse yourself with


  • A bowl with salt water


  • A delicious essential oil blend or Florida Water for the 2nd part of the ritual :)


Suggestions of Oils: 

Abundance blend:

Lavender Essential Oil - reduces worry

Cedarwood - Positive energy

Frankincense - Delivers prayers

Bergamon - Builds confidence

Ylang - Let's go of Fear

Clary Sage is great for Fertility and Libido(enjoying life)

Another Beautiful nurturing womb blend:

Angelica, Egyptian Geranium and Rose :)

...any blend or oil you love! :) 


Now remember to Download your audios before you start your ritual :)


P.S. Some of you may feel that they need more time with the releasing audio, just play it twice or 3 times if you need before moving onto placing your hands in the salt water :)

Audio #1 Release Your Victim Self

Audio #2 Coming back home into Harmony & Flow

Once you finish the ritual you can take a moment to say thank you to the salt water and you can let her flow down your sink.  Don't offer it to a plant or your grass as it can dry them up.
If you can first preference would be to offer your branch to the fire, but if that is not possible you can take time to say thank you to it and place it in the green bin.
I hope you enjoy this ritual that has been crafted with so much love to support you on your journey!!!
Let me know how you go!!!

Biggest love,