The Lion’s Gate is upon us!✨🦁✨🔥🙌💕✨

This Powerful portal, that has such a dear place in my heart as it opens the doorway in the heavens for some epic stellar support the day before my Solar return on the 9th ✨

What is the Lion’s Gate?

This is the name given to a star alignment that happens every year around the 8th of August (8/8).

Being in the sign of Leo, it is said that the Lion Spirit Guardian is the keeper of this gate.

This portal of fierce loving energy aligns every year to shower us with higher frequencies, sent to us from the stars to remind us of our own Inner Power, to activate our DNA and help us become Fearless in reclaiming our place as the King/Queen of our life.

This Lion's Gate channels these frequencies straight into our hearts to reignite our passion for life and to our Solar Plexus so we can feel grounded in our power.

This star alignment is the perfect opportunity to open up to receive the courage from the Star people, from all our Ancestors in the stars who want to see us shine.


A moment to really open up to receiving the Healing energies from the Hanan Pacha to bring us these transmissions, so we can Rise into deeper love, deeper compassion, deeper understanding and embrace our Medicine and power.

The energies this Lion’s Gate brings us are also strongly tied to the energy blessings of Sirius, which are focused on soul embodiment, abundance, harvest, and fertility.

This makes the time around the 8-8 Lion's Gate very powerful for manifestation, love(for/from others & self-love) as well as enhancing our prosperity! ✨
Art by Krystleyez
Art by Krystleyez

✨My recommendations to make the most of this potent time?

First of all, be aware that this is happening and pay attention to any messages, challenges or synchronicities that come up for you around this time.

Take time to connect with the Lion's Gate energy focusing it on your intentions and don’t let the busyness of life get you distracted or involved in drama.

This is the perfect time to tend to YOU and YOUR PRAYERS / DREAMS & INTENTIONS. Time to really find out what seeds you want to water with this amazing energy that is coming to support you ✨

Clarity of intention is extremely important at this time. The clearer your intention, the easier it is for these frequencies to support you exactly with what you need help with right now… so:


#1  Empty Your Cup First So You Can Receive:

⭐ Clear your energy and the energy of your house/ room: whether it is smudging or spraying Florida Water or any other energy clearing spray that you enjoy.

⭐ For clearing yourself, if you have time I’d suggest taking a moment to play some music that ignites your Spirit, using some Florida Water and/or smudge yourself, light a candle and journal out all of the things that you are ready to leave behind and for this energy to help you shed away, write without thinking or judging, just let it all flow into the paper.

⭐ Once you are finished you can offer this paper to the fire of the candle allowing it to transmute it into ashes. The smoke will carry your prayers into the heavens and then you will place that ashes onto a little whole that you will dig in the earth to return the energy of all these things to Pachamama so she can recycle these energies now.

Speak to the fire before you burn it, ask for its support in freeing you up from these things you are releasing, and give thanks for their help 💕🔥✨

#2    Take time to ask yourself the following questions and get clarity of intention:

⭐ What are my 3 most important prayers right now? The 3 areas that I need the most support, that I’m ready to face, outgrow, and resolve but I don’t know how…
⭐ What specifically is your prayer? What is the outcome that you want around this? Get clear! Your intentions are your arrows that will organise the energy, so make them sharp!
⭐ What is your commitment? What are you committing to doing differently to support this evolution? Get clear and specific about this too as this is how you are going to show all these supportive energies and Spirits that are showering with these energies to support your evolution, that you are going to show up for yourself! That you are committed to walking the path required to keep unlocking the doors of your evolution and manifestations with their support 🤩💕🙌🌈✨

# 3  Dummy Prove Your Evolution

Put Your Vision/Prayer statements on an altar or a little vision board where you can easily be reminded of what you have asked for so that you can stay consistent in your prayer so it can come through.

Do the same with your commitments and maybe even set reminder alarms on your phone so that every day you are reminded of your commitment to yourself and to your evolution, so you can show up for yourself and gain grain momentum with your consistency.

Spend time just laying down ideally in nature basking on these frequencies that are being showered upon you from the stars and even if you have a busy day, make sure that you set reminders so that every so often you can make a little pause in your day, close your eyes and consciously and intentionally state to the Universe:

"I am opening write now to receiving all the support the Universe is sending my way through the Lion’s Gate! Support for ____ , ______. and _____. I am ready to receive these blessings! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"💕

I hope you find this helpful!

Make the most out of this beautiful time! I will be planting prayers of love, prosperity and loving evolution for all of you my beautiful community 🙌💕🌈✨🦁✨

Biggest love,