Journey to Abundnace Part - 5


Welcome to Part 5 of your Journey to Abundance ✨

In this video I’m going to share with you why integrating ancestral wisdom in your daily life is the most potent upgrade you can embrace in these times of transition.

I will also share with you:

  • ★ How to reclaim your vitality by embracing the medicine of your cycles
  • ★ How to unlock the support of the Universe, so it can carry you towards your dreams.
  • ★ An ancestral map that has been used by all original people since the beginnings of time to support our personal evolution.

If you haven’t watched Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4 of this video series, go watch them first as each video builds on the previous one.

Activate Your Abundance is Enrolling Now!

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Join me for this LIVE group experience

This intake starts on April 30th

Embody your Power and create a life of overflowing Abundance & Beauty

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Activate your Abundance is Now Enrolling!

This LIVE group journey starts on April 30th

Embody your Power and create a life of overflowing Abundance & Beauty

I hope you enjoy this video series!

It is my prayer that you are able to reclaim your birthright to reclaim your power and to live the beautiful life of abundance and beauty you came here to live!

This video series has started planting many seeds or remembering and given you some practices to implement and I know they will support you on your journey✨

Though, another thing that I know is that when we dive right into these teachings and are able to embody these ways of living and imprint them on us: That is when real, long lasting change can happen in our life! 💕 That is when we shift timelines, because our vibration has shifted forever!


This is exactly what we do in my Activate your Abundance Program! 🤩✨

A 33 day program filled with one micro action a day, embracing the Medicine of your own cycles and the support of the cycles of the Moon. I will be by your side, in fact5 this i8s the last time I will run this program “live” - meaning that, it is an online course, but we will have 2 group masterclasses and every day I will be in your pocket! On your phone with a morning little video (5-15 minutes) bringing you the microaction for you to do on that day. We will have a community of wild women - out of Social Media and on your phone, cheering one another, laughing and enjoying this journey of healing through Beauty and Joy, reclaiming our Medicine as Women - Daughters of Pachamama!✨✨✨

I really hope you feel the calling to join me and the group of amazing women that have already enrolled!

Enrollments close this Thursday 28th and our journey together begins on Saturday the 30th with our first group Masterclass!✨

I’m soooooo excited and inspired to feel you taking little steps that are creating big butterfly effects in your return to living a life where Abundance and Joy is the vibration that prevails!


With endless love,