Journey to Abundnace Part 1


Yayyyyy!!!!! Welcome to the first step on your Journey to Abundance!!!

I’m soooo excited that you have taken this step to start breaking the cycle and curse of depletion from your bloodlines and are here to walk alongside other Sisters from around the world on this collective prayer to return back into our Abundance Soulprint!


Seeing each one of you move out into depletion and into abundance is the biggest prayer and vision that I am holding right now!


When us women return into our flow and vibration of abundance, life flourishes! When we flourish we are able to offer the nectar of our medicine to the world, life reorganizes in such a magical way, where we naturally fulfill all the callings of our Spirit, because we are in alignment with the vibration of our Soul.


My Sisters, you came here to Shine! Your Spirit is here to help rewrite the story of humanity, we are all here together for that, we are all Medicine Women reawakening to the embodiment of our Magic and Power! Pachamama, Mother Earth has been waiting for this perfect moment in which, all of us, her daughters would return to the Earth to bloom again and remind humanity what life is really about!


I am sooo delighted to be here right now, to start this journey back to the Abundance of your Spirit!


This is your birthright!


Here is our first of the 5 videos you will receive as part of this video series. Each video builds on the previous one, so make sure to go through the journey in order.


Let’s begin!

Beige Elegant Collage Sale Instagram Post
Beige Elegant Collage Sale Instagram Post

Want to start Activating Abundance and Harmony in your life?

Want to start Activating Abundance and Harmony in your life?

This audio will bring you right back into your flow!

This audio will bring you right back into your flow!

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After watching the video, please take some time to sit and write down your answers to these reflections. If you can take some time to sit in nature and take some slow and deep breaths to become really centered in your heart before writing your answers(and even if you can’t take some time in nature, please take some time to burn an incense and take some slow and deep breaths for a couple of minutes before writing your answers), that way we can ensure that your answers are coming from your heart and not so much from your mind. 🤩✨


I can’t wait to continue diving deeper into your Journey back to Abundance! 


The next video will be uploaded on Thursday 🔥🙌✨


… so make sure to answer your questions before then, so you are ready for Part 2 🤩


In the meantime, you can click right here to check out the invitation to my Activate Your Abundance program 🔥


Many have said that going through the Activate Your Abundance program is like having your Fairy Godmother come visit you every day! 🤩💕✨ It’s a really sweet program! Go check it out!


Activate Your Abundance 


I look forward to continuing our journey together this Thursday!

Biggest love,
PS: And if you find these videos inspiring, please share them with any other Sisters you feel may benefit from them! It's time for us, Sisters, to rise together!