Embrace Money as a Healing Frequency

Healing Your Relationship With Money

Attract the Abundance You Desire in Your Life

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Our relationship with money is one that carries attachments to many emotional wounds (deservability, worthiness, greediness, shame, guilt, etc)

Until we heal our money wounds, we won't be able to live a life of Abundance & Beauty, where money is allowed to become a loving ally, that is here to help us birth our most beautiful visions and dreams into our life and the world ✨


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Everything is Sacred and that includes Money✨

When you heal your money wounds, money becomes a beautiful nourishing force that helps you create endless beauty in your life & that of your community πŸ’•

As you heal your Money wounds, you will also develop a more loving way of relating to yourself and your life.


Here is what you will learn in this Powerful class:

  • Break up with the taboo around money and reclaim your right to live and abundant life!
  • How to remove all the pain, stigma and limiting beliefs you carry around money so you can live your birthright.
  • Learn ways to use money as a tool for healing
  • Reawaken the Abundance Goddess in you
  • How to allow money to nourish your life.
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This course was amazing! It gave me a completely different outlook on my relationship with money. It turns something that had so much negative stigma for me into a spiritual practice of awakening. The program was filled with practical advice on how to plug financial gaps as well as a spiritual deepening on how you receive and celebrate money as love letters from the Divine. Priceless! Can’t recommend highly enough.

Laurin Vassella

Here is what you will receive:

Immediate download access to:

  • A 100 minute Masterclass video recording
  • The Masterclass as an audio in case you want to listen to it on the go.
  • A 34 minute Shamanic Journey Audio to Heal Your Money Wounds
  • An 18 Page Handbook filled with insights, worksheets and a step by step guide to Heal Your Relationship with Money.

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Carmen’s passion for empowering and healing women is deeply embedded in this program. Our relationship with money is such an important one, and one that is still too often avoided and left unaddressed.I have been able to change guilt and shame stories to ones of joy and love. I loved every part of the program
I highly recommend it!! ❀️🌈πŸ”₯πŸ™πŸ™

Joh Hawken