This Bundle will open your life to a completely new paradigm and a new way to relate to money and multiply abundance in your life 🙌🔥💕✨

Break ancestral curses and disempowering agreements to Abundance, reawaken and activate your unique abundance codes, open more channels to receive Abundance more effortlessly.

This training is a blend of healing energy, magic and very pragmatic teachings and structures you can implement in your life easily to see your financial story shift🔥

Perfect blend of feminine and masculine, so you can return into harmony and flow!

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It is time to heal and release the stories that have kept us stuck in lack and depletion for generations 🔥

When women become abundant and empowered again, Pachamama will heal ✨
Our future as a humanity will heal ✨

Are ready to Unleash Your Purpose, Power & Abundance in your life?✨
Then join me on this amazing journey!

Here is what's included in this powerful Bundle:


Masterclass #1


Healing Your Relationship with Money

Masterclass | Workbook | Audio

Embracing money as a healing frequency, reawaken the Abundance Goddes in you, casting an alliance with money so it can help you birth your visions into the world.

Unearthing & Healing Your Ancestral Money Wounds

Masterclass | 2 Audios | Workbook

Break free from the ancestral patterns that are blocking your ability to receive, lineage healing. Lift and break old spells and curses so you can embrace a new way of relating to money, abundance and worthiness to receive. You will feel your energy shift as you jump timelines.

Masterclass #2


BONUS Masterclass #3


EMBODYING THE HUMMINGBIRD CODES: Allow your money to flow to you and multiply with grace✨

Masterclass | Abundance Playlist | Workbook

Embody Ancestral teachings to Activate JOY in your life, allow your money to flow to you and multiply with grace whilst having fun!

I share what we haven’t been taught about money energy and what it loves so it can multiply effortlessly.

And I share with you my 3 most powerful Abundance Rituals 🔥🔥🔥

Creating an Overflowing Life

Masterclass | Workbook

I will walk you through what you need to put in place so your money can work for you harder than you ever worked for it. I’ll give you simple, yet powerful structures to dummy prove your way to a meaningful, impactful, fruitful, peaceful and joyfully abundant life✨

Masterclass #4


BONUS Masterclass #5


Closing Ceremony

Masterclass | 3 Audios | Workbook

A 2 hour Closing Ceremony packed with Activations and instructions for you to do a Closing Ritual for yourself to open new possibilities for your life.

A powerful healing process

And an additional 2 Shamanic Journey Audios to continue clearing your Ancestral lines, reclaim your freedom and continue cementing your new vibration.

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This course was amazing! It gave me a completely different outlook on my relationship with money. It turns something that had so much negative stigma for me into a spiritual practice of awakening. The program was filled with practical advice on how to plug financial gaps as well as a spiritual deepening on how you receive and celebrate money as love letters from the Divine. Priceless! Can’t recommend highly enough.

Laurin Vassella

Here is what you will receive:

  • Instant access to 5 Masterclasses and all their resouces:

✨ Heal Your Relationship with Money

✨ Unearthing and Healing Your Ancestral Money Wounds

✨ Embodying the Hummingbird Codes

✨ Creating an Overflowing Life

✨ Closing Ceremony

  • 5 Workbooks: one for each of the masterclass
  • 11 audios that you can download and listen to anytime, including 6 Shamanic Journeys and Activation audios to help you shift your reality🔥

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Carmen’s passion for empowering and healing women is deeply embedded in this program. Our relationship with money is such an important one, and one that is still too often avoided and left unaddressed.I have been able to change guilt and shame stories to ones of joy and love. I loved every part of the program
I highly recommend it!! ❤️🌈🔥🙏🙏

Joh Hawken