Free Audios to Help Navigate These Times

Harmony in times of Crisis

My dearest community,

I was thinking: how can I be of support at this time?

For the last past year we have been facing strong waves, they have come with the Heyoka medicine putting our world and our life upside down... and for some time and time again...

How can we move through these times raising in love and not allowing fear to dictate our response to a situation... how can we take a few deep breaths and pause, so we don't become captivated by the sadness, but rather can be embraced by Great Spirit and surrender to what is, whilst trying to find grace within this process?

The level of challenge will undoubtedly have a huge impact on our ability to digest and move through the emotions the challenge will bring up, as we are human...ย  I truly feel it would be impossible not to experience fear or sadness at times ofย  big challenges or witnessing our community experience them... we need to be gentle with ourselves in this process..

It's important to be able to be held and nurtured, so that your Spirit can guide you through the layers of strong emotion and show you the Golden Threads that are being woven...

It is my prayer that these 2 audios that I'm sharing with you today, will support you, will nourish you and will allow the Divine Love that in in you, to help you heal and move towards the Golden Threads :)

Sending you BIG WARM HUG,