Full Moon Forecast & Heart Activation


Full Moon Eclipse Forecast & Heart Activation - May 16 2022 ✨

Hello Beautiful ones!

In this video I am going to share with you:

  • The most powerful messages and energies that this Full Moon Eclipse is bringing up to support you in your personal evolution.
  • How to work with these powerful energies so you can release the weight of stress and stagnation, and be free to live a life that makes your inner light Shine!✨✨✨
  • Share with you a Powerful Shamanic Journey Activation for your Heart centre, to help you shed away what is not serving and open the channel to let your spirit help you raise your vibration and bring you into alignment with your highest destiny.


Eclipse Season is here and bringing us some powerful medicine to help us realign with our highest vibration and drop away all the unneccesary weight we have been carrying with us for the last 2 years.


It is an important moment to press the pause button with whatever is going on in your life and take time for your self! Allow yourself to be supported and reattuned to your highest vibration for this present moment. Let Spirit, Pachamama & the Universe support you on your journey!


We are never alone on this journey!


Spirit/The Universe/God....whatever name you give that higher intelligence is always here trying to support you on your journey, so gift yourself 15 minutes of YOU time, to just receive and listen to this Heart Activation Journey.

You will thank yourself for it!

I promise 🤩✨


Make sure you are in a space and time when you are not going to be disturbed for the duration of the audio, so you can fully integrate these vibrations

*Do not listen to this audio whilst driving or operating heavy machinery*


...and when you are ready, just click play on this Heart Activation Audio


May these medicines help you rise like the Phoenix with this Full Moon eclipse!

I hope you enjoy this journey!


With endless love,


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Want to start Activating Abundance and Harmony in your life?

Want to start Activating Abundance and Harmony in your life?

This audio will bring you right back into your flow!

This audio will bring you right back into your flow!

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