Eclipse Clearing & Recallibration

A Shamanic Journey to help you Rise in Beauty

Make sure no one will disturb you for the next 30 minutes, this is a gift to your Self at this powerful time of the Full Moon Eclipse, time to shed and close cycles, so new beginnings can emerge!

When you are ready... 

take a deep breath and press play...

Allow the vibrations of this audio to take you deep into a journey of recalibration, clearing away what doesn't serve and reawakening the vibration of your unbounded, Magical essence. That deep part of you that knows how to flow and weave together with the Beauty of life with effortless ease.

It's time to let go of limitations & soften into the space of Magic, Freedom and Endless Possibilities that is your birth right :)

Let's dive in...

*** The best way to work with this audio is to listen to it one or multiple times, within the next 7 days. Every time you listen to it, you are shedding away the old and embedding this higher vibration in yourself, recalibrating your energy, moving beyond the old limitations and reconnecting with your Magic. But also trust your intuition if after doing it once you feel that it's enough :)
Biggest Love,