Energy Clearing Process


Energy Clearing Process

Energy clearing is one of the most fundamental practices in Shamanism and Energy Healing.


The reason for this is, that in order to be the best, highest version of ourselves and continue to support our healing and evolution, we need to become a clear channel for our Spirit to Shine.


We need to make sure that we are clearing out any stagnant or heavy energy we may be carrying, so we have more room for vibrant and supporting energy to be in our field, supporting our evolution.


As we move through our days we “pick up” energy that is not ours. These ‘other’ energies keep piling up on our energy field, in the same way, that dust would accumulate over anything we leave left to sit without cleaning it…


Carrying these stagnant and low vibration energies creates a lot of static in your energy field, creating a disruption or divide between your highest frequency and the frequency you’re vibrating at. This is less than ideal when we are trying to manifest something better in our life or are trying to change an old dysfunctional pattern that has been getting in our way of manifesting our visions.

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Want to start Activating Abundance and Harmony in your life?

Want to start Activating Abundance and Harmony in your life?

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This audio will bring you right back into your flow!

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When we clear our energy, we offer back to the Earth any energy that is not ours and also any energy of ours that may have become stagnant and sluggish.


Through energy clearing, we let these energies return to the Earth, in the same way, we offer our food scraps to the compost bin, so they can be transmuted and then come back to us as high-frequency energies that will continue to support our path and evolution for our highest good.


The practice that I am going to share with you today is the practice of smudging or smoking. This practice has been used by traditional indigenous people around the world for thousands and thousands of years. It is because it calls in for both the medicines of the grandfather fire, as well as the medicine of whichever herb, wood, or resin you’re burning to come and assist you on this ritual of purifying your energy field.


I hope you enjoy this video!


Here is a transcription of the Energy Clearing Prayer I used in this process:


“Grandfather fire, Grandfather Palo Santo, please help take away any energy that's not serving me from my highest good.

Clear away any heavy or stagnant energy and replace it with a vibration of unconditional love and harmony. Let the vibration of my spirit be embodied in every single cell of my body.

Help me walk in beauty, and create beauty and harmony wherever I go. May my feet touch the earth with love.

May my mind be of service to my heart. May me hear the voice of Spirit loud and clear in every step of my journey. Let your medicine clear my mind and let it  be of service to my heart.

May me be a source of unconditional love. May the light of My Spirit radiate through me wherever I go.

May me create beauty in this world. May myself be a channel of divine inspiration and joy.

May my hands be a source of healing and unconditional love. May they infuse love into everything I touch."


May you continue to walk in deeper beauty every day.



Sending you lots of love and inspiration,