Sisterhood Drumming Circle

Shamanic Drumming Circle Ceremony

Transformation ground for the women in our community!


Sistersssss!!! It's drumming time!!!

I'm sooo beyond excited to invite you to our Drumming Circle, this upcoming Thursday, September 21st  ✨

This gathering is a Sacred Space for you to reconnect with simple shamanic practices you can incorporate into your daily life, to nurture your Spiritual Freedom, heal, transform, and grow in magical ways.

Women have gathered in circles for thousands of years, gathering in this way helps us restore our sense of self and belonging.

Come and allow your cup to be filled by the delicious energy of our Sisterhood Drumming circle.

Studies show that drumming has a positive effect on anxiety, grief, fatigue, depression, it assists releasing emotional trauma and boosts our immune system as well 🔥✨

That paired with the powerful alignment of this New Moon eclipse, is really the perfect time to drum away what is not serving you and allow your energy to be recharged 🤩🙌✨

Come and get ignited, so you can carry this Magic back into your day-to-day life✨

No experience needed and we have spare drums if you need one!


Details of our Upcoming Cirle

When: Thursday, September 21st
Where: Tramshed Hall Narrabeen
Investment: $33

This Circle is now Fully Booked!


Please bring a yoga mat and blanket, your drum, rattle, clap sticks (if you have any, otherwise I have some spare )


No experience is necessary, just a willingness to come and join in this prayer with love 🤩🌈🌷💗✨✨✨


I look forward to Drumming with You All My Beauty-full Sisters
Urpillay Sonqollay,


    Big love,