Embrace Money as a Healing Frequency

Creating an Overflowing Life

Attract the Abundance You Desire in Your Life

masterclass | workbook

This Masterclass is filled with a MAP 💕

A stepping stone guide of powerful easy to implement structures that will support your evolution into a more  abundant life✨

Regardless of where you are at with your finances, this Masterclass will meet you there and give you the steps to focus on so you can continue to move into deeper abundance and create more joy in your life and in the world 🤩🌈🌺✨


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Everything is Sacred and that includes Money✨ 

When you heal your money wounds, money becomes a beautiful nourishing force that helps you create endless beauty in your life & that of your community 💕

As you heal your Money wounds, you will also develop a more loving way of relating to yourself and your life.


Here is what you will learn in this Powerful and Inspirational class:

  • A step by step guide on how to cultivate your economy so it can grow and multiply
  • How to manage Your Money Leaks
  • 3 step plan to support your evolution regardless of where you are on your journey
  • 2 Powerful Strategies for you to implement in your life and start seeing changes.
  • A new way of looking at life to allow multiple streams of Abundance to bless your life
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Wow! Is what I can say right now. I feel so happy and amazed and excited and light and just freaking proud I showed up for myself even through my resistance. This has been amazing!

Thank you Carmen for this program. My heart is opening more and more each day. Thank you ✨

Cristine Brown

Here is what you will receive:

Immediate download access to:

  • A 97 minute Masterclass video
  • The Masterclass as an audio in case you want to listen to it on the go.
  • An 14 Page Handbook filled with insights, worksheets and a step by step guide to help you implement the strategies shared in your life straight away!

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I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you Carmen!

Thank you for your warmth and generosity, I could feel your love oozing from the screen!! I have had so much abundance come to me and inspirations and downloads come through!

I was blown away at the potency and depth of the experience. Thank you!

Emma Parker