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🔥The Activate Your Abundance Special Edition!🔥

The Bundle will open your life to a completely new paradigm!  A new way to multiply abundance in your life!  🙌🔥💕✨

Having Activate Your Abundance 28-Day Micro Actions Program as part of this bundle, will bring you the ultimate support to embody these new visions, habits and vibrations that have been seeded and activated in you so your new reality can emerge with effortless ease 💕✨

With this Powerful combination, you won't recognise your life in a short 30 days! 🙌🔥💕✨


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You will receive access to your Bonus Trainings Unearthing & Healing Your Ancestral Money Wounds Program and Embodying Abundance Codes✨immediately after you enrol, so you can dive into the work straight away starting to bring up to the surface and untangle those Ancestral chords that keep the doors of abundance shut! 🔥🙌✨

It's time to release what is not yours as the year closes and open 2024 ready to reclaim your right to live a beautiful and abundant life! 💕🌈✨

We will begin our Activate Your Abundance as a group on the First New Moon of 2024 on January 11th 🌑✨ (11/1 = the perfect portal for New beginnings)

It is time to heal and release the stories that have kept us stuck in lack and depletion for generations 🔥

When women become abundant and empowered, Pachamama will heal ✨
Our future as a humanity will heal ✨

Here's what you'll get in this bundle

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2 Masterclasses for Free!

Unearthing & Healing Your Ancestral Money Wounds

Masterclass | 1 Audio | Workbook

Break free from the ancestral patterns that are blocking your ability to receive, lineage healing. Lift and break old spells and curses so you can embrace a new way of relating to money, abundance and worthiness to receive. You will feel your energy shift as you jump timelines.


Embodying Abundance Codes


Masterclass | 2 Workbooks

Embody Ancestral teachings to Activate JOY in your life, allow your money to flow to you and multiply with grace whilst having fun!

I share what we haven’t been taught about money energy and what it loves so it can multiply effortlessly.

And I share with you my 3 most powerful Abundance Rituals 🔥🔥🔥

and you will get

Activate Your Abundance: A 28 Day Micro Actions Program

MOCK-UP new v2

You will receive instant download access to:

  • A 80 minute Masterclass Ceremony to create a powerful container for your journey ahead.
  • 30 Daily morning videos with your daily practice & focus for the day (Between 5-15 minutes)
  • Daily Reminders to keep you focused and accountable! (Whilst bringing sprinkles of Magic & Inspiration to your day)
  • Magical resources that will be recalibrating your energy and will help you develop strong boundaries for the Magic to emerge and show you the way! 🙌🔥💕✨

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What previous participants say about this program

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“This course is super empowering and encouraging!”

This course is super empowering and encouraging. It really is about remembering, gathering tools, and having the resources & support altogether in one space.

Carmen has a special way of guiding people to trust themselves rather than relying on outside influences which is invaluable. 

Carmen has a special way of guiding people to trust themselves 

Charmaine Burnett

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“I feel more positive and abundant.  I’m enjoying my life more and more and that makes all the difference!!”

This course came at the perfect time for me. I was experiencing burnout and a need to discover a different way of being. This program has assisted me in repairing a self that had become lost in a busy world.

It has helped me fill myself back up and become a receptacle for both healing and manifestation.

Louella Wilcher

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“Carmen guides you to discover how easy it is to Activate Your Abundance and open to a life filled with magic”

Say YES- you won't regret it!
Carmen creates and holds such a safe and caring space as she guides you to discover how easy it is to Activate Your Abundance and open to a life filled with magic, majesty, and miracles.
Thank you so much, Carmen.

Monique Potts

More Testimonials


Thank you Carmen for your love and dedication to making us women become who we really are. I love this course, feel always supported and contained with such love. Growing with other women makes it so much easier and more pleasurable and feels like I am not alone.

Ximena Maturana

When everything seems so crazy, busy overwhelming - I appreciated those daily practices to come back to each day. Simple things to remember & focus on to bring you back into harmony.

Kathy Grange

This program has been very profound and life-changing.

It is an approachable, safe and supportive way to explore yourself and your relationship with the divine.

Natalie Gain

The time has come for women to redeem their divine right to honour their connection to something bigger and be honoured for the channel of light that we are. But to be reminded how to do that, we need a very good teacher. I’m so grateful to have found Carmen. Without her gentle leadership and guidance, I would still be stumbling around in the dark.

Marianne Lewis

A beautiful course designed for weaving magic into modern-day life.

Bryony Hudson

Everything feels easier, more aligned and energised!

Activate Your Abundance has helped to shift my worlds: inner & outer, through the tiniest of actions and efforts. Learning to find flow for rest, slowing down, and indulging in the Yin rather than feeling guilt or stress has really changed how I engage with my life.

Tali Gutman

I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have Carmen's nurturing support, guidance, and influence in my life!

Her work and teachings are heartfelt, being led by the spirit and providing a safe protective space for women to remember and come back to their soul prints expression with joy, space and base. Thank you, thank you for your presence and wisdom.

Karen Swerdlow