A Right of Passage to rewrite your money story and Receive More Wealth in Your Life

My Sisters,

It is time to heal and release the stories that have kept us stuck in lack and depletion for generations 🔥

When women become abundant and empowered,

 Pachamama will heal .✨
Our future as a humanity will heal ✨


It's Time to Heal!

In this series, we will be breaking ancestral curses and disempowering agreements to Abundance, we will reawaken and activate your unique abundance codes, so you can open more channels to receive more effortless Abundance with grace…

I will be teaching you things about money, you wish you knew all along, so your money can work for you and multiply, giving you financial and time freedom!

This training is a blend of healing, energy, magic and very pragmatic teachings and structures you can implement in your life easily to see your financial story shift🔥


Perfect blend of feminine and masculine, so you can return into harmony and flow!


So make sure to join us!

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Here's what you'll get:

Activate Your Abundance Healing Your Money Wounds, is a series of 5 Powerful Live Online Group Masterclasses.
Each call will run for 90 minutes (60 minutes teachings and Q&A time at the end to answer all your questions)

*You will get a replay recording within 24 hours of the call so you can re-watch and revisit as you wish.

Here are the dates and times for our Masterclasses and what will be covered:


    (Embracing money as a healing frequency, reawaken the Abundance Goddess in you, casting an alliance with money so it can help you birth your visions into the world)

    DATE: October 10 at 7pm (Sydney time)



    (Break free from the ancestral patterns that are blocking your ability to receive, lineage healing. Lift and break old spells and curses so you can embrace a new way of relating to money, abundance and worthiness to receive. You will feel your energy shift as you jump timelines.)

    DATE: October 17th at 7pm (Sydney time)


  • EMBODYING THE HUMMINGBIRD CODES: Allow your money to flow to you and multiply with grace✨

    (In this class I will share what we haven’t been taught about money energy and what it loves so it can multiply with grace. We will reframe the way you see money and I will give you my 2 most powerful money rituals)

    DATE: October 24th at 7pm (Sydney time)



    (I will walk you through what you need to put in place so your money can work for you harder than you ever worked for it. I’ll give you simple, yet powerful structures to dummy prove your way to a meaningful, impactful, fruitful, peaceful and joyfully abundant life✨)

    DATE: October 31st at 7:30pm (Sydney time)



    (Activating Your Abundance Codes & Collapsing Timelines. This healing ceremony will cement everything you’ve learned and activated during our time together, so you can walk your life in a new way of harmony, abundance & freedom✨)

    DATE: November 5th at 9am (Sydney time)

And a community of cheerleaders that will keep you accountable and gaining momentum!

You can't miss this opportunity!

Ready to change your life?

Your Investment:

Because I am devoted to seeing YOU, my sisters return to your most abundant and empowered version of yourselves, I'm offering you this program for a discounted 60% off rate!

  • Pay in Full :  1 Payment of AUD $275 $111

* I will only be running this series "live" once!!!

You can't miss this opportunity!


This is going to be amazing!

Are you ready for

Your new beginning?